Pokemon Go: What are Dragonite’s Weaknesses?


Dragonite is a Dragon and Flying-type Pokemon that dates again all the best way to the primary era of the powerhouse franchise. Gamers that come throughout the dual-type Pokemon of their time enjoying Pokemon GO will wish to know not solely the weaknesses that it has but additionally what it’s proof against to be able to each battle with and in opposition to Dragonite in probably the most optimum method attainable. This information will let gamers know what Dragonite’s weak point is in Pokemon GO.

What Are Dragonite’s Weaknesses In Pokemon GO?

Since Dragonite is a dual-type Pokemon, bing each a Dragon and Flying-type Pokémon, it’s weak to a couple differing types, with the overall variety of weaknesses popping out to 4. These sorts are Rock, Fairy, Dragon, and Ice. The primary three assault sorts within the listing will do 2x their common harm, however it’s barely totally different with regards to Ice assaults. Since each Flying and Dragon-type Pokemon are weak to Ice, these kinds of assaults will do 4x the common harm to Dragonite.  This makes going in opposition to Ice-type Pokemon a harmful scenario for Dragonite, so use that to your benefit when dealing with off in opposition to one but additionally know when to get your Dragonite’s out of the battle when you come throughout this match-up.

What Are Dragonite’s Weaknesses In Pokemon GO?



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Whereas it’s good to know Dragonite’s weaknesses to keep away from these conditions, it’s also important to seek out Dragonite’s resistances. Dragonite is often proof against Floor-type assaults in different Pokemon titles, and whereas this carries over to Pokemon GO, immunity works barely totally different. This resistance kind doesn’t fully nullify the harm. As a substitute, Pokemon could have a brilliant resistance to those strikes, dealing little or no harm however harm nonetheless. Along with this immunity, Dragonite additionally has a number of resistances, a complete of 5 to be precise. These sorts are Bug, Preventing, Hearth, Water, and Grass-type assaults. These kinds of assaults will do half harm in opposition to Dragonite.

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