Monica Lewinsky Trashes Johnson (R) For Attempting To Blame The Interns For His Position In Jan 6


Johnson: “These items had been delivered to our workplace — I did not know they had been coming. I had no hand in it. My employees — my chief of employees did the best factor, he known as up the vp. He did not need it, we did not ship it to him. Finish of story.”

Raju: “Why did you simply ship that to the vp with out vetting it or asking extra questions on it?”

Johnson: “I did not ship it. We known as them up. We known as them up. He did not need it. We did not ship it. Finish of story.”

Raju: “However why did you even supply it with out vetting it?”

Johnson: “We acquired handed an envelope that was presupposed to go to the vp, I did not know. So we known as, we known as up the vp, he did not need it. We did not ship it. It is a non-story — guys that is such a non-story.”

Reporter: “Was that the primary you had heard of it while you obtained the envelope?”

Johnson: “Yeah.”

Reporter: “And who, do you keep in mind who gave it to you?”

Johnson: “No, it was a staff-to-staff deal. I imply, it apparently had Michigan and Wisconsin. I had no hand in any of it. Once more, this, this, this lasted a pair minutes in our workplace. Then the episode was over. And this — guys it is a complete non-story.”

Raju: “Are you gonna ask your aides about who this individual was? Have you ever asked–“

Johnson: “We did not know — actually do not — it was a employees to employees — someone from the Home, some employees intern, you already know, mentioned we acquired to, the vp wants this or no matter. I wasn’t concerned. I do not know what they mentioned. However, however, however someone from the Home delivered to a employees member in my workplace, my chief of employees known as the vp, ‘hey, we acquired this.’ And the vp mentioned ‘do not ship it,’ and we did not.”

Raju: “Are you interested in the identification of this individual? Do you wish to ask about it?”

Johnson: “No. No, as a result of there is no conspiracy right here. It is a full non-story, guys. Full non-story.”


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