Letter: Query Allen’s involvement with DraftKings, Metabilia | Letters


An attention-grabbing and informative report within the “sports activities pages” concerning the partnership of Josh Allen,”DraftKings,” and “Metabilia,” to promote non-fungible tokens through the “blockchain” market. Learn nearly like a chunk of investigative reporting, besides for 3 points not addressed within the article.

1. Doesn’t the NFL have a clause in its ethics governance doc that forbids NFL gamers, like Allen, from consorting with recognized gamblers, like “DraftKings?” Isn’t it about time that all of us deal with this relation between proliferating, widespread legalized playing and the numerous skilled sports activities leagues, earlier than the U.S. Congress does it for us, prefer it did with college-basketball and point-shaving within the Fifties?

2. Doesn’t the NFL in that very same ethics doc forbid gamers, like Allen, from chumming with convicted criminals, and even with these recognized people with solely simply the tinge of a touch of criminality, because the principal in “Metabilia” has been accused of, in one other enterprise that he was additionally a principal?

Persons are additionally studying…

In spite of everything, isn’t the “look of impropriety” practically as critical as confirmed impropriety, within the eyes of the general public? The NFL may simply look at this subject of Allen,”DraftKings,” and “Metabilia.”

In these occasions of uncertainty and discord and “issues not all the time being what they seem like,” shouldn’t we hone our moral abilities, as we do our quarterback-passes, and to not telegraph the looks of impropriety, simply as we don’t sign who’s the supposed pass-receiver?


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