INTERVIEW: Over 50 per cent of divorce certificates Nigerians ship overseas are pretend—-Lawyer, Jegede


Following the current story surrounding the loss of life of well-known Nigerian gospel singer Osinachi Nwachukwu, abusive marriage and divorce have develop into a trending subject of discourse.

Many have described the actress’ loss of life as ‘an avoidable loss of life’ if she had separated from her husband.

Nonetheless, not too many Nigerians know what divorce or separation entails.

Right here, PREMIUM TIMES, in an interview with Olusola Jegede, a authorized practitioner, explores Nigeria’s regulation’s stance relating to the legality of marriage, divorce, and dissolution of marriage.

Mr Jegede is the Managing Companion at Decision Regulation Agency. He holds a Bachelor of Legal guidelines, LL.B from the College of Bradford, United Kingdom.

He later attended Nigerian Regulation Faculty and was referred to as to the Nigerian Bar. He additionally studied for a Grasp of Regulation (LL.M) from the College of Lagos.

PT: What makes a wedding unlawful in Nigeria?

Olusola: I don’t suppose any marriage will be unlawful until such marriage doesn’t conform to the process of regulation. There are several types of marriage, and the rise in divorce price isn’t a results of marriage being authorized or not. Divorce has nothing to do with the legality of the marriage.

PT: What are the varieties of marriages recognised by Nigerian regulation?

Olusola: There are several types of marriage in Nigeria. Now we have a customary, statutory marriage: the one many individuals know as court docket marriage and the Islamic marriage.

However then, if any sort of marriage doesn’t adjust to the provisions of regulation, such marriage isn’t answerable for dissolution. Events concerned in such marriage don’t battle for divorce however slightly an annulment of that marriage, to fully annul the wedding as if the wedding by no means occurred within the first place.

PT: You talked about statutory, customary, and Islamic marriages because the varieties of marriages recognised in Nigeria. Are in addition they separable by regulation?

Olusola: Marriage is a voluntary cohabitation of 1 particular person with one other, any type of marriage.

All types of marriage are answerable for dissolution if the events can’t cohabit collectively. No marriage precludes dissolution by the court docket of regulation, however the court docket you strategy is totally different. You come to the court docket based mostly in your kind of marriage ceremony.

Whether it is statutory marriage, the court docket you go to is named the ‘excessive court docket’ of any state in Nigeria the place you reside.

But when it’s a customary or Islamic marriage, the suitable court docket to go to are customary courts. Conventional marriages that simply paid dowry and didn’t go to court docket or registry fall underneath customary marriage.

Additionally, the Islamic marriage the place ‘nikah’ was finished falls underneath the customary marriage, so the court docket you go to assuming you need to dissolve such a wedding could be customary, not a excessive court docket.

PT: What about marriages performed in a small church?

Olusola: It is dependent upon whether or not the church is registered with the federal government. The marriages performed in church buildings can go both manner. It is dependent upon the standing of that church. If the church is properly documented with the wedding registry from the native authorities, then any marriage performed in such a church is a statutory marriage.

An instance of a church that conducts such marriages is the Catholic church. Nearly all Catholic church buildings are registered with the native authorities, and all of the marriages performed there are thought-about statutory marriages. It’s likened to the native authorities registry or marriage registry.

PT: How concerning the church buildings not registered with the native authorities?

Olusola: If a church isn’t registered with the native authorities council and doesn’t ship their members to the native authorities council to register their marriages, any marriage ceremony they conduct doesn’t meet the requirement of statutory marriages.

Subsequently any marriage performed in such church buildings mechanically falls underneath customary marriage. It is dependent upon the standing of the church. Suppose it’s a church registered with the wedding registry. In that case, it turns into a statutory marriage, but when it’s a church that isn’t written, they’re simply conducting its providers, utilizing its divine energy. Any marriage such church performed is a customary marriage.

PT: Does it make it lesser than a statutory marriage?

Olusola: All marriages are equal to the regulation, however with regards to divorce, you strategy the court docket and authorized system that authorise such marriage, whether or not it’s statutory, customary, or Islamic.

PT: What grounds does Nigeria regulation recognise for dissolution of marriage?

Olusola: Beneath Nigerian regulation, there is just one floor for a wedding to be dissolved while you speak about statutory marriage. That floor is that the wedding has damaged down irretrievably.

In response to part 15 (2) of the Marital Causes Act, the regulation governs Nigeria’s dissolution of statutory marriages.

It states that marriage has damaged down irretrievably on account of eight totally different information, so these eight further information are sub-grounds of the numerous floor that the wedding has damaged irretrievably.

The primary of these grounds is whether or not the wedding has been consummated. Whether or not adultery has taken place or not. Whether or not there’s a matter of insupportable behaviour, that’s, if the behaviour of one of many events within the marriage is so unacceptable that the opposite celebration can’t cohabit with the opposite particular person, that’s the commonest floor individuals use for divorce.

Whether or not desertion has occurred, when you have abandoned your partner for one 12 months. Whether or not the 2 of you might be residing aside for 2 years, and the opposite celebration doesn’t object to the divorce being granted after which whether or not the 2 are aside for 3 years, whether or not the opposite celebration object or doesn’t object to divorce, that marriage is on its solution to dissolution.

Additionally, whether or not the court docket has made an order to conjugal rights and that order has been flaunted, possibly the companions will not be having intercourse, and it was delivered to the discover of the court docket and the court docket guidelines that they need to resume intercourse and the opposite celebration disregards the ruling of the court docket, that’s one other floor for a divorce, and lastly whether or not a celebration is lacking to foretell that that particular person is useless, the particular person should have been lacking for seven years underneath the Proof Act. It could possibly be that the particular person simply left residence. They didn’t see such an individual for seven years, and so they didn’t know whether or not he was useless or alive. It’s a legitimate floor to divorce the wedding.

These are information upon which the grounds to divorce marriage are established. In regulation, we name them the eight causes which the regulation supplies so that you can show that the wedding has damaged down irretrievably, and out of the eight causes, you might be anticipated to show just one earlier than the regulation court docket.

PT: What are the processes of submitting for a divorce to show that the wedding has been damaged?

Olusola: No matter the kind of marriage, the submitting in court docket is exclusive to the sort of court docket the wedding is contracted underneath.

If it’s a statutory marriage, you’ll file on the excessive court docket, and you may be submitting what we name a ‘divorce petition’ with the discover of divorce petition.

You may file it by your lawyer at any state excessive court docket registry. As soon as it’s filed, it could be personally served to the opposite celebration. If the opposite celebration is unavailable, it may be carried out by substituted means, which can include an order of the court docket to hunt one other means to serve the particular person. Serving to the particular person isn’t the one means now. We will ship it to the particular person by WhatsApp, by e-mail or you will get even paste it in entrance of his home. All these are referred to as substituted means.

PT: Why substituted means, although?

Olusola: Once they know you need to serve the court docket papers, some individuals won’t simply be accessible to gather them. They might simply be leaping up and down. The opposite celebration doesn’t need to handle a wedding, which doesn’t cease the divorce course of. The petitioner should ask the court docket to serve the particular person by substituted means, possibly by digital or pasting.

So when the service has been finished, the opposite celebration would have as much as 28 days to file their response, and after that, the matter can now be set down for trial. That’s when the case listening to begins or the proof of each events earlier than making selections on the topic.

PT: Are there different peculiarities to acquiring a divorce except for submitting?

Olusola: How the case will take will rely on what occurred in that marriage. The circumstance of the wedding could possibly be whether or not they have youngsters or whether or not they have properties collectively. When there are such circumstances, the court docket settles all such peculiarities, however all of the divorce processes should undergo the court docket.

PT: What’s the distinction between marriage annulment and separation of marriage?

Olusola: The eight information we’ve mentioned earlier, they’re for divorce, what it means is that ‘sure the wedding was legitimate and the union was real, however the events can’t simply dwell collectively once more, based mostly on any of these causes. In that case, what they do is a divorce also referred to as dissolution of marriage.

However there are some marriages that, from the start, will not be legitimate.

PT: Please give situations of invalid marriages?

Olusola: For anyone who has married anyone else earlier than, we’ve seen instances the place anyone married and one other particular person returned to marry the particular person. Nonetheless, that second marriage isn’t legitimate.

Suppose you marry anyone underneath 18 years as a result of, underneath the Baby Proper Act of all states in Nigeria, 18 years is now the age of consent. So, if you happen to marry anyone who’s less than the age of consent, it isn’t additionally a legitimate marriage. Additionally it is a floor for annulment.

In case you marry an individual who one way or the other is said to you to some extent which you can show, it’s also not a legitimate marriage and will be annulled.

And if the wedding was additionally finished underneath duress, anyone pressured you to do it, otherwise you have been underneath extreme risk or blackmailed into the marriage, it’s possible floor for annulment.

Or the wedding was finished by mistake, and possibly on the time the particular person was signing the wedding certificates, he thought he was signing a ‘C of O’ of land, and it seems to be a wedding certificates, or they didn’t even know what they have been doing there, and we’ve had a number of instances like that, that the particular person didn’t realise what was occurring till he has signed the wedding papers.

The regulation considers that sort of marriage invalid and they’re void. You can not place one thing over something, so if the wedding isn’t legitimate, the celebration concerned shouldn’t be speaking about divorce as a result of it was not an excellent marriage within the first place. The bone of competition needs to be annulment, not divorce. An annulment is in two classes.

PT: That are?

Olusola: Now we have what we name void and voidable. The void is the sooner ones I’ve said like marrying somebody under the age of consent or marrying somebody married to another person. These are ‘Void advert Initio’, that means they haven’t any authorized impact from inception. Even when the court docket doesn’t see them as void, they’re unenforceable, however chances are you’ll all the time want a court docket order so the events concerned can know the place they’re in life as a result of they will nonetheless be combating and arguing.

The voidable are these marriages the place one of many union events appears to not be okay with the circumstance of the union that makes it voidable. An instance is the place a celebration within the marriage has some sort of psychological dysfunction on the time of the marriage that was made recognized to the opposite celebration of the union.

Voidable marriages will not be void on their very own till you might have approached the court docket to declare they’re void. If the marriage is legitimate, what’s obtainable is a divorce, but when the wedding is invalid, the court docket will annul the wedding.

PT: Do divorce and annulment have the identical submitting processes?

Olusola: Sure, the 2 are finished on the similar court docket and have the identical course of by petitioning the excessive court docket. A wedding can’t be annulled in a customary court docket. What the common court docket can do is divorce a wedding.

PT: Why can’t the customary court docket annul marriages?

Olusola: The customary court docket doesn’t have the bottom for annulment due to what we name jurisdiction in authorized phrases. It signifies that their regulation doesn’t cowl the dissolution of marriage. What they often do is divorce in marriage.

Annulment of marriage isn’t in our customs; the customary courts lack the provisions to annul any marriage.

It isn’t within the provision of the regulation and the statute for the situation of the customary court docket. From our historical past, whether or not Yoruba or Igbo, we don’t perceive the phenomenon {that a} marriage is annulled.

Beneath our personal tradition, what’s obtainable is that the elders can separate the couple if they can’t dwell collectively.

PT: Is divorce predominant and obtainable underneath Sharia regulation?

Olusola: Though the causes of divorce will not be that a lot in Sharia, as a result of we’re right here in Lagos, the place there is no such thing as a functioning Sharia court docket, it isn’t possible, besides if we’re within the north. Personally, not from the purpose of regulation per se. Now we have lesser divorce instances amongst Muslims.

Though many Muslims do statutory marriage, we’ve seen divorce instances for many who did statutory marriage within the excessive court docket. As a consequence of modernisation and every part most individuals do statutory marriage, whether or not Christians or Muslims if you wish to journey overseas, particularly if you wish to take your loved ones alongside; most American and European nations would demand your marriage certificates, which might solely be obtained from a statutory marriage as a result of that’s what their regulation recognises.

The statutory marriage isn’t for Christians alone. Each Christians and Muslims have points that additionally result in divorce.

PT: How does one divorce in customary marriage?

Olusola: Customary marriage isn’t based mostly on faith. It’s purely based mostly on customs and traditions, the cost of dowry. Dowries are what symbolise marriage underneath our customary regulation.

PT: Over time, we’ve seen room for alimony in some divorce instances. How does it work in Nigeria?

Olusola: There are provisions of alimony underneath our matrimonial causes ac. Part 72, 73, 74, and 75 allow the court docket to make an order on settlement of properties amongst {couples}, which we all know as alimony on listening to of a divorce petition.

To an extent, alimony is a piece in progress in Nigeria, however we should not have legal guidelines that advocate for joint properties for households like the best way another jurisdictions. In Nigeria, we don’t have such a regulation, however in Case regulation comes into play in some this space, the place the court docket had heard in lots of instances that if the spouse has all the time been there when the husband acquired the properties, it needs to be shared for 2 of them, even when the opposite celebration didn’t contribute. Nonetheless, the alimony works higher in Nigeria when each events contribute to the household belongings and property, or the properties have been purchased with the names of each events; whether or not one celebration contributed or not, so long as the paperwork present that the papers mirror the title of each events, for instance, Mr and Mrs XYZ, there’s a robust case for alimony.

In some instances, the court docket may give the property to only one particular person, and the court docket may even switch the property to their youngsters. The court docket has these powers.

PT: Why would the one who didn’t contribute to the property be given a share?

Olusola: As I mentioned, the alimony has not been totally developed. The celebration who didn’t contribute to buying a selected property, particularly a lady, is entitled to her husband’s property even when she didn’t donate, so long as the property was developed inside the marriage.

Though the opposite celebration doesn’t co-own the property, they may promote it even earlier than the divorce begins. That’s the reason the court docket would require that events concerned file ‘Particulars of means’, which implies, come and inform the court docket what you personal and what you don’t personal, and certainly individuals level it, however only a few can say that these items are filed appropriately. And Nigeria doesn’t have a stable database for accessing an individual’s web price, which is why the court docket works with what’s filed.

PT: In response to the regulation, who takes custody of the children who’re under 18 years of age?

Olusola: Any events can take custody of the children as a result of when the court docket offers with the charging problem, the kid’s curiosity is paramount. Now we have had instances the place the kid says I need to stick with my mum or dad.

The court docket should first think about the curiosity of the children, after which in considering that, it should have a look at which of those events can present the comfort the kid or youngsters wants of their development, lecturers, upkeep and others. The court docket should look into that, assuming each events are equal to the duty. The custody of kids has now concerned if these youngsters are under the age of 14 or 15. The court docket, generally, would give possession to the girl as a result of it’s believed that girls deal with the youngsters greater than the person.

PT: How lengthy does a divorce course of take?

Olusola: You may’t say a selected time for a divorce, however on common, you will be speaking about one 12 months, however it is dependent upon the placement the place you might be filed. Filling in Lagos or Abuja will take one to 2 years. You understand what impacts Nigerian courts are the workloads of the judges, we’ve fewer courts in Nigeria and too many instances, and all these items trigger delay.

If not, as a result of the court docket is fewer and there are various custody instances, your complete course of will be concluded inside 4 to 5 months, and all people would overlook that there was a divorce. But additionally, there’s a delay in adjournment, which is a court docket delay, main many Nigerians overseas to obtain pretend divorces.

Over 50 per cent of divorce certificates Nigerians ship overseas are pretend, and most instances, it’s due to the delays in acquiring divorce certificates right here in Nigeria.

Most married Nigerians searching for citizenship overseas current pretend divorce certificates. From expertise, we discover that Nigerians overseas tender pretend divorce certificates from Nigeria in a overseas court docket. Just a few are affected person and might look ahead to the courts, and its attendant delays

PT: Why do individuals get pretend divorce certificates?

Olusola: Many Nigerians are all the time in a rush, possibly they want the divorce to facilitate their residence and remarry overseas, however they aren’t affected person sufficient.

Divorce isn’t a quick-go factor, as Nollywood typically portrays it. Generally a extremely contentious divorce the place there is a matter of custody and properties to settle, the divorce can take greater than three years. Nonetheless, by and huge, if you wish to divorce, try to be 9 months as a result of the court docket will do adjournments. Nigeria’s justices will go on a two-month trip, the place the court docket doesn’t sit, and there are different statutory delays.

Even while you file a divorce petition, you should look ahead to about 28 days earlier than the opposite celebration would reply, that’s even earlier than the primary case begins, and when you might have now even received, let’s say the court docket has now granted the divorce, the opposite celebration can’t remarry immediately.

PT: Why?

Olusola: As a result of the divorce has not develop into absolute, the events should wait a minimum of three months for it to develop into absolute earlier than the ultimate divorce certificates is issued. So, while you have a look at that delay that has been put in place by the regulation, anyone can’t end a divorce course of in three months.

The statutory delay is simply two to 5 months, which the judiciary system has offered, and you should comply. The interval between when the interval between which the judgment is given and when it turns into ‘decree absolute’ due to what the court docket initially points is named ‘Decree Nisi’, which isn’t but everlasting. It’s going to develop into everlasting after 90 days.

PT: What occurs inside that 90days?

Olusola: If anyone desires to enchantment inside that interval, they will come ahead, and anybody who desires to intervene can proceed with the case. After these 90 days, it turns into everlasting. You can not enchantment the divorce anymore.

PT: Do we’ve incidences of pretend divorce in Nigeria?

Olusola: Is there anyplace in Nigeria that there is no such thing as a pretend, with all the quantity of counterfeit issues occurring in Nigeria? I simply dealt with a case the place my consumer obtained a dud worldwide cheque for a enterprise price hundreds of thousands of {dollars}. If there is usually a pretend worldwide cheque, is there something that can’t be faked on this nation?

So, there may be pretend divorce too, however it typically occurs for these overseas as a result of if you’re in Nigeria, you should know that it’s a must to go to court docket to testify.

The kind of marriage would decide the longevity of the divorce course of.

Customary marriage will be dissolved very quickly as a result of there are conventional courts in nearly all of the native governments in Lagos, and people are the one issues they do.

However with regards to statutory marriage, you’ll the excessive court docket. As populated as it’s, we don’t even have as much as 80 judges working in your complete Lagos. About 25 per cent of them hear divorce instances, amongst many different points.

PT: What’s the implication of getting a pretend divorce certificates?

Olusola: It means that you’re nonetheless married to your previous partner and that marriage has by no means been divorced.

PT: What has been your most difficult divorce case?

Olusola: As a authorized counsel, we’re not meant to debate shoppers’ instances, however I can provide you a state of affairs as a result of most instances cope with confidentiality. These are a part of the contract the consumer signed with us, however with out mentioning any of the events, the divorce that all the time provides us challenges are those who contain custody of kids. They’re tougher than a divorce that entails properties.

I’ve witnessed {couples} almost trade blows in divorce conferences as a lawyer. When youngsters are concerned, the court docket will ask us to do a ‘Obligatory Convention’, ‘go and settle amongst yourselves. As soon as a celebration has taken custody, the opposite celebration has the correct to visitation. That’s their statutory proper. I’ve many instances of competition in Nigeria.

PT: Out of your years of many practices, what are the predominant causes of divorce in Nigeria?

Olusola: After I talked about the eight causes the wedding has damaged irretrievably, the main target is often insupportable behaviour. In part 15 (2c), if the behaviour of 1 celebration is unacceptable, they can’t cohabit.

It’s the floor on which each different cause for divorce is anchored. Additionally it is a results of gathered anger. As a married man, I’ve realised that one anger results in different causes for divorce. An individual will be indignant and go away the home, which might result in desertion. One more reason that causes the anger that we see is infidelity.

PT: In your years of observe, have you ever seen a state of affairs the place a celebration information for divorce and the opposite celebration refuses to just accept the notification from the court docket?

Olusola: To reply isn’t obligatory earlier than the regulation. These are misconceptions you get from watching an excessive amount of of Nollywood.

The provisions of the regulation are that when you’re taking anyone to court docket, there may be what they name the correct to a good listening to, so the opposite celebration is already conscious that they will make illustration in court docket.

That’s the reason the petitioner serves them the petition. They don’t must signal something, though there may be an acknowledgement type once we carry out a divorce petition.

Though some individuals received’t acknowledge it, there have to be an order to resort to substituted means like mail, WhatsApp, and even pasting on the wall. However serving is to make them conscious of the case towards them.

PT: Apart from the court docket, some individuals meet their pastor, imam, priest, bishop, or conventional head, and the wedding is dissolved. Is that legitimate?

Olusola: We see that occur in customary regulation typically when the dowry is returned.

I’m presently dealing with a case the place the person mentioned he had returned the dowry and believes he’s divorced. He isn’t bothered about what we’re doing within the court docket. For him, the wedding is dissolved underneath custom.

Some individuals give extra choice to their faith and customs. It’s binding to the extent of their patronage or faith. When you have finished a statutory marriage within the registry and returned a dowry earlier than the regulation, that’s not binding.

If an individual does conventional or church marriage after which goes to the native authorities or a wedding registry, the final one takes preeminence over the others. Even if you happen to return the dowry, you should go to court docket.

As a result of one of many features of marriage is that it transfers belongings, many individuals don’t go away a will in Nigeria. When you don’t, underneath the provisions of the property regulation of Lagos state, your partner is the primary particular person in line to inherit no matter you might have left; your partner stands forward of your youngsters. So, if you don’t do this, divorce appropriately, and your partner nonetheless has the wedding certificates; as a result of no divorce in court docket has been validated and not using a certificates.

That particular person is the primary particular person consistent with no matter you left behind. However if you happen to did have a statutory marriage and return a dowry, if that’s acceptable in your customized, it’s legitimate.

PT: Having practised over time, what are the options to marital issues in Nigeria?

Olusola: I feel it’s the pastors and the Imams that might provide the finest reply that we, the attorneys are all the time on the final finish as a result of earlier than anyone would meet a lawyer and say ‘assist me battle for a divorce’, you should have exhausted all choices. The primary individuals who often intervene in marriage points are the mother and father and from the mother and father to the pastor, so generally, earlier than they arrive to a lawyer, there may be little we will do. We’re identical to an undertaker that simply helps bury the wedding.

However we’ve instances the place the shoppers settled even earlier than the trial correct. However I do know from my expertise that companions have to be affected person.


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