Hulk Solely Beat Thor’s Destroyer Armor by Discovering Its Single Weak spot


Thor’s Destroyer is likely one of the strongest weapons in the whole Marvel Universe, however the Hulk found its single weak spot and used it to win.

There are few issues the Hulk can not smash, however Thor’s Destroyer was one in every of them because the Destroyer armor is a mystical weapon created by Odin himself which comprises the uncooked, unparalleled energy of the gods. Nonetheless, in a single specific battle, the Destroyer revealed a single weak spot to the Hulk particularly, and Hulk used that to defeat a weapon that was initially constructed to kill Celestials.

The Destroyer is an autonomous swimsuit of armor produced from Uru steel–the identical substance used to forge Mjolnir–and is enchanted by Odin, which solely added to its bodily invulnerability. As for assaults, the Destroyer is tremendous sturdy, quick, and might mission beams of extraordinarily highly effective cosmic power of all kinds together with intense warmth, plasma, and even anti-matter. The Destroyer was created by Odin after he and the opposite elder gods of the cosmos, together with Zeus and Vishnu, turned terrified of the huge energy exhibited by the Celestials. So, Odin thought it sensible to create an unkillable warrior of destruction–placing every part he had into forging the right cosmic destroyer.


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In Unimaginable Hulk #461 by Peter David and David Brewer, Bruce Banner has returned from an alternate future the place an evil model of the Hulk generally known as Maestro dominated the world with an iron, tyrannical fist. Nonetheless, when Banner initially escaped from that world he wasn’t capable of go straight residence, however as a substitute ended up in Hell alongside Maestro the place their battle raged in perdition. As soon as Banner discovered his approach out of Hell, he lastly arrived again in his unique time, although he didn’t return alone. Maestro was additionally capable of claw his approach out of Hell and enter Bruce’s actuality, although when he did so he was in an extremely weakened state, making it extremely unlikely that he’d have the ability to beat the Hulk one on one. Nonetheless, Maestro discovered a option to possess the Destroyer and instantly turned one of many deadliest villains the Hulk had ever confronted–or so he thought.

Hulk found a way to beat Thor's Destroyer.

When Maestro attacked the Hulk because the Destroyer, the semi-sentient armor turned confused because it couldn’t inform the Hulk’s spirit aside from the one which was possessing it. For the reason that Hulk and Maestro are technically the identical individual however from completely different cut-off dates, the Hulk was capable of enter the Destroyer with none bother because the Destroyer registered each of them as the identical entity. The Hulk kicked Maestro out of the armor after utilizing its confusion to his benefit and defeated Maestro together with his superior power.

Whereas the Hulk would greater than possible lose in opposition to the Destroyer if it was intent on killing him since there is no such thing as a approach Hulk would have the ability to smash its enchanted Uru armor whereas additionally taking an insane quantity of injury from its god-tier assaults. Nonetheless, because the Destroyer was merely being managed by an alternate model of himself, the Hulk was capable of beat Thor’s Destroyer after discovering a single weak spot distinctive to this specific battle alone.

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