Dislyte Hyde: Expertise, Relics, & Construct


Dislyte options some flawless Espers corresponding to Lucas, Lengthy Mian, Meredith, Nicole, Unas, and Triki. This information will cowl one of the vital favourite Esper in Dislyte: Hyde, who possesses some evil powers and distinctive perks. So, let’s know extra concerning the Esper. If you’re a newbie who simply began enjoying Dislyte and need to get higher at it, then make sure that additionally to take a look at our Dislyte Full Wiki information.

Dislyte Hyde: An Overview

Dislyte permits us to make the most effective groups so as to type a battle lineup. Selecting the best Esper sort from every class is a necessary job as your victory is majorly dependent in your staff coordination and synergy.  

Dislyte Best Esper
Hyde: The Shadow of Decree

An attacker is the first Esper in your staff, and this staff hero must be aggressive in skills with buffed powers and attacking perks. If you’re searching for an aggressive character with respectable attacking skills and distinctive abilities, then Hyde is an efficient choice to go for.

The sport describes the character as “The researcher that has the glory of meriting the facility of Hades and founding the Shadow Decree.”

Hyde’s passive Reaper reduces all Harm taken by 10% and makes him resistant to the consequences of any buffs and debuffs solid by enemies. Hyde’s ATK will increase when buffs or debuffs apply to his skills. When a teammate dies, Hyde positive aspects an enormous ATK enhance. His Cerberus can harm a goal whereas stealing their buffs and restoring his HP.

Dislyte Hyde Expertise

Hyde Esper

In Dislyte, every Esper has distinctive perks and talents which are helpful in various conditions. These powers differentiate the Espers from one another as some heroes possess dominating powers with most skills whereas some have nerfed skills that aren’t so spectacular.

Hyde is an Esper in Dislyte who can actually dominate within the entrance lineup as his Main Talents permit him to face sturdy enemies and stand up to robust assaults. The Passive skills of Hyde are fairly respectable, too, because it guards him in opposition to any critical results attributable to the enemy’s debuffs assaults.

His potential additionally improve the harm results, that are depending on the debuffs despatched towards the opponents. Though Hydes is an Attacker, he possesses therapeutic powers as nicely. Now, let’s discuss the principle Expertise Hyde that assist him to dominate his opponents in Dislyte.

Underworld Curse

The Foremost Skill of Hyde is Underworld Curse, which permits him to hit his enemy twice in a single assault, and every hit offers 65% extra Harm than his fundamental assault, stealing 2 buffs and lowering the HP ceiling of the enemy by 100% of the Harm dealt by way of this potential.

The primary hit casts the Buff Blocker for 1 flip to dodge any counterattack from the enemy, whereas the second hit reduces the HP ceiling of the enemy by as much as 50% of the strike harm. The flexibility is buffed with an upgraded degree, and the stats are given under.

  • Lvl 2 Harm elevated to 55%
  • Lvl 3 HP ceiling lower elevated to 40%
  • Lvl 4 Harm elevated to 60%
  • Lvl 5 HP ceiling lower elevated to 50%
  • Lvl 6 Harm elevated to 65%

If you wish to degree up your Espers quick, then make sure that to take a look at our Dislyte Leveling up Information.


Reaper is a Passive potential of Hyde that makes him resistant to any sort of buffs and debuffs from the enemy and reduces their harm by 10%. The Reaper potential additionally has a Breath of the Deep that gives a buff or debuff to Hyde per stack.

Hydes get ten Breath of the Deep stacks when an ally is killed, and he can accumulate a most of 50 stacks. If Hyde takes a lethal hit on the battlefield, he can restore his HP and survive the intense assault, relying on the present Breath of the Deep stacks, as every stack restores HP by 1%.

It is a passive potential of Hyde and can’t be leveled up. The Breath of Deep additionally grants +5% to ATK per stack and a +3% discount in Harm per 10 stacks.


If you wish to be actually aggressive on opponents, then the Cerebrus potential of Hyde will assist you wipe all of them. Cerebrus is their most aggressive ability of Hyde that permits him to deal large harm to his opponents with 110% of ATK. Whereas attacking, it additionally dispels a buff from every of the enemies and restores 2% of the max HP dispelled by way of every buff. You may improve the power to get the next stats.

  • Lvl 2 Harm elevated to 95%
  • Lvl 3 Harm elevated to 100%
  • Lvl 4 Harm elevated to 110%
  • Lvl 5 Harm elevated to 120%
  • Lvl 6 Cooldown decreased by 1 flip


The captain is a passive potential of Hyde that may show helpful in Level Struggle. The flexibility of Hyde can enhance the ally RESIST by 50% in Level Struggle and assist your staff to catch your opponents off guard.

Hyde Total Scores in Dislyte

Hyde is a Shadow Decree Councilor with front-line perks. Hee can assist his allies and be the spine of the staff by breaking the enemy lineup and counterattacking along with his aggressive skills. Hyde’s rankings are as under:

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Greatest Relic Set Builds for Meredith

Relic is the set of things that enhances the efficiency of Espers by granting them particular buffs. Every Relic set has various perks and is appropriate for several types of Espers, relying on their stats and nature. For a fighter Esper, use the next Relics units.

Set No.1: The primary advisable set for Hyde is Hades set x4, which generates Hp by 35% of Harm dealt, and Fiery Incandescence Set x2, which reinforces Crit price by +25%. This helps Hyde to assault with extra energy and take in heavy assaults.

Set No.2: The second advice for Hyde is Hades Set x4 to generate your HP, paired with Sword Avatar Set x2, which has a 30% likelihood of consuming the fundamental potential and counterattack with a lift in Harm.

Remaining Ideas

Hyde is a strong attacking Esper who inflicts critical Harm on his foes along with his aggressive skills and makes use of them to help their supporting teammates. Having an aggressive Esper like Hyde within the entrance lineup offers you an edge to catch your opponents off guard along with his fast reflexes and big damage-dealing skills.

If you’re pondering of including Hyde to your squad, the theme makes certain to make the correct use of his aggressive skills and play tactically, as being over-aggressive would possibly hit you again. Additionally, make sure that to equip the advisable Relic units for higher effectivity and finest efficiency.

Dislyte not solely affords attention-grabbing gameplay with lifelike graphics but additionally options greater than 50 impeccable Espers that may be chosen to dominate the opponents and conqueror the battlefield. Espers are the principle characters in Dislyte and are available in various classes that vary from aggressive fighters and tanks to passive healers and assist items.

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