Dislyte Ahmed: Expertise, Relics, Gear, and Rankings


Characters in Dislyte additionally embrace Lucas, Lengthy Mian, Meredith, Nicole, Unas, and Triki. Not each Esper is at all times a good selection however a few of them really work nice in all conditions. Take a look at our Greatest Espers in Dislyte information for extra info.

Maintain a watch out for banners in Dislyte as you possibly can grind for brand new Espers right here, together with Ahmed. Our information on Subsequent Banner in Dislyte goes into element in regards to the rewards you may get in that banner. Sonic Miracle and Ritual Miracle are additionally necessary for farming gadgets in Dislyte.

There’s a large catalog of Espers in Dislyte to select from and our Tier Listing on Espers in Dislyte entails the very best character which you can play with. If you happen to’re searching for the very best healers and help characters in your staff in Dislyte then take a look at our guides on  Greatest Assist Espers and Greatest Healers in Dislyte.

Dislyte presents inventive gameplay of staff battles the place you create your individual groups with a view to play. Our information on Greatest Groups in Dislyte goes into element about completely different combos of Espers to create an incredible staff. A complete information on every thing associated to Dislyte might be present in Final Dislyte Wiki. Now allow us to focus on Ahmed in Dislyte.

Ahmed’s Position in Dislyte

Ahmed dislyte
5-Star Assist Esper Ahmed in Dislyte

Ahmed is a five-star Esper in Dislyte. He’s well-known for being the Wind-Assist Esper. Being a five-star, Ahmed might be among the finest help Esper within the sport and shouldn’t be neglected. Ahmed can even counter many earlier highly effective Espers of the sport together with Hyde and Luo Yan.

Not solely does Ahmed act as the very best help, however he can even cut back the cooldown of his teammate’s skills. That could be very helpful for groups the place Espers have a cooldown of 4 or 5 turns. Pair up Ahmed with an Esper like Raven and now you possibly can spam her Debuff specials all because of Ahmed lowering the cooldown.

Moreover, Ahmed additionally offers an enormous assault energy buff to his teammates whereas additionally therapeutic them. Because of this you need to use different Relics as an alternative of damage-boosting ones in your staff as Ahmed will constantly provide that buff. 

Ahmed additionally has an enormous chunk of well being making him one of many tankiest healers in Dislyte. That could be a big improve as many of the different healers die early if they don’t seem to be constantly protected. However Ahmed cannot solely keep alive on his personal, he can even hold his teammates up and working.

Ahmed’s therapeutic skills can virtually resurrect a teammate from his imminent loss of life. He can heal a component member from low Hp again to full with using a single ability. He can even steal an opponent’s Hp and use that to heal his teammate. All of this makes Ahmed a top-tier healer in Dislyte.

How To Summon Ahmed in Dislyte

Dislyte implements a Gacha system into play. Gacha is a really well-known phrase utilized in Japanese video games. It’s primarily based on getting a random reward in your foreign money. You roll for a sure character however your rewards should not at all times sure. No matter you get, is set by the sport and never you

In Dislyte, Echo is used as Gacha. By way of Echo, gamers can summon Espers however the Esper that they’ll get is random. So getting Ahmed would require you to grind for Echo in Dislyte. It ought to be famous that the probabilities of getting Ahmed are elevated by the builders for a sure interval as he’s a newly launched character. 

Ahmed’s Expertise in Dislyte

Ahmed has a robust set of therapeutic assaults. Though his assaults do barebones injury to his opponents, Ahmed will heal big chunks of well being for his teammates. Ahmed can’t be used as a captain as he’s a help Esper. His expertise make him an excellent selection for each PVP and PVE. His expertise are;

  • Prelude To Life
  • Heat Harmonics
  • World Stage

Every little thing associated to those expertise is listed beneath.

Prelude To Life

Ahmeds skill
Prelude To Life Ability of Ahmed in Dislyte

It is a chain assault and Ahmed will do injury in 3 hits. Each hit does 15% of ATK and finally ends up doing good injury to Ahmed’s opponents. Ahmed is a healer and we don’t anticipate him to do massive injury assaults however Prelude To Life is definitely fairly first rate.

The assault doesn’t cease there although. Moreover, each hit from Prelude To Life can even injury equal to 2% of an opponent’s most Hp. Mix that with the already dealt 15% of ATK and Ahmed turns into the one healer able to getting used as a fighter as effectively in Dislyte.

Ahmed may even be referred to as an offensive healer versus Clara who is legendary for being a defensive healer. His moveset makes Ahmed so versatile that he can be utilized in virtually each scenario as each a healer and a fighter.

Heat Harmonics

Ahmeds skills
Heat Hamonics Ability of Ahmed in Dislyte

Harmonics might be the very best assault in Ahmed’s moveset. You may even name it his final transfer which places him above each different healer. Not solely does this transfer have an energetic impact, but it surely additionally produces passive boosts for Ahmed’s teammates. Following buffs and debuffs are achieved by utilizing Heat Harmonics;

  • Each time Ahmed makes use of Heat Harmonics, he can even passively carry out a therapeutic potential on a teammate having the bottom Hp. That interprets to Ahmed virtually at all times therapeutic a staff member without spending a dime while additionally utilizing his particular ability. It is extremely helpful since you possibly can carry out two completely different strikes with Ahmed in a single flip.
  • If any teammate suffers from Max Hp Penalty debuff in Ahmed’s social gathering, then he can even restore that debuff by rising his teammate’s most Hp threshold by 5%. Heat Harmonics might be probably the most versatile assault in Dislyte with what number of completely different results it may well pull in only one single flip.
  • Ahmed can even take away any and all disease-related debuffs from his teammates while additionally making use of a buff potential. The buff potential in query is Supporting Music. It is extremely helpful because it boosts the ATK of Ahmed’s teammates by 2%. However wait, it may well moreover be stacked as much as 25 instances making it a potential 50% assault energy enhance.
  • If Supporting Music wasn’t sufficient by itself, Ahmed can even apply one other set of this potential if his teammate has a Hp quantity decrease than 50%. His social gathering members having low Hp will get an even bigger assault energy enhance from Supporting Music.

Heat Harmonics might be the finest therapeutic potential in Dislyte and Ahmed is your ticket to utilizing that potential.

World Stage

Ahmeds skills
World Stage Ability of Ahmed in Dislyte

It’s one other superb ability accessible in Ahmed’s moveset. It’s one other therapeutic potential that along with therapeutic can even have an effect on the cooldowns of Ahmed’s teammate’s assaults. World Stage consists of the next two strikes;

  • Not one not two however all social gathering members will get their cooldowns decreased by 1 flip when Ahmed makes use of World Stage. That interprets to you utilizing extra of your staff’s particular assaults in battle than you beforehand did. Think about having a staff the place you don’t have to fret about cooldowns, Ahmed will now make that potential.
  • World Stage doesn’t cease at simply lowering the cooldowns. It’s one other therapeutic potential as effectively. Ahmed will heal his teammate having the bottom Hp. And it isn’t only a single heal, World Stage heals 10 instances consecutively. The quantity of well being healed is the same as 8% of the caster’s whole Hp.

World Stage can not additionally get affected by any type of debuff and can be utilized at any time when it’s prepared. Though there’s a small downside to that assault, which is its cooldown. It has a big Cooldown of 4 Turns and there’s nothing you are able to do to change that. Simply be sure that to make use of World Stage when it’s completely needed for survival.

Captain Capacity

Ahmed doesn’t have a captain potential as he’s a supportive Esper. He’s finest used on the sidelines offering help and therapeutic to his teammates. His essential job is to be sure that the captain of his personal staff stays alive the longest.

Relics and Gearset For Ahmed in Dislyte

Now allow us to focus on the Relics that go well with Ahmed the very best for his Supportive playstyle. These units will concentrate on rising the injury of Ahmed’s assaults and the quantity of Hp he heals together with his therapeutic skills. All of it should contribute to creating Ahmed the very best healer in Dislyte.

First Most Well-liked

The primary and hottest set that can be utilized for Ahmed in Dislyte is the Wind Walker Set x4. This set will give a 25% enhance to Ahmed’s pace in Dislyte. It is going to improve the variety of turns Ahmed will get and you need to use his therapeutic skills extra typically. Our first set is especially centered on rising Ahmed’s pace and giving him extra supportive boosts.  Now allow us to focus on the UNA items for the primary set;

UNA Items

  • UNA I is already set to extend Ahmed’s Assault energy and isn’t free to decide on. You can’t do something to take away that Relic. Nevertheless, it really works in our favor because it boosts Ahmed’s barebones injury to one thing useable in fight. Assault buff is totally needed for Ahmed as healers typically do not need the very best injury.
  • UNA II piece is the place customization begins and gamers are free to decide on no matter Relic they need. We suggest utilizing the HP% Relic in UNA II to extend Ahmed’s well being as a lot as potential. As we already know that the injury and therapeutic skills of Ahmed scale together with his well being. The extra well being he has, the extra he’ll heal or do injury.
  • Sadly, UNA III can’t be altered and is already set to extend Ahmed’s base protection in Dislyte by default. Nevertheless, we are going to want that protection enhance to make Ahmed as a lot of a tank as potential. We’d like Ahmed to remain alive so long as he can as a result of he’s the healer and that UNA piece works in our favor.
  • UNA IV might be chosen primarily based on selection as effectively. We suggest utilizing one other HP% in UNA IV as effectively. We wish to improve Ahmed’s well being as a lot as potential. He isn’t a fighter and won’t be used to deal injury. His essential function is to heal and for that, we’d like him to tank extra hits in battle. Moreover, his well being improve will in flip improve the output of his therapeutic skills.

MUI Items

For the two-piece set, we suggest utilizing the Adamantine Set x2. That set not solely buffs Ahmed but additionally every different social gathering member as effectively. Adamantine will give a protection enhance. It is going to apply a protect on each Esper alongside Ahmed. That protect may have whole well being equal to fifteen% of the consumer’s Hp. Enemies must break that protect first with a view to injury Hp. Now we are going to focus on the MUI items for the primary set;

  • MUI I is once more set by default to extend Ahmed’s Well being in Dislyte. You can’t change MUI I and it’ll at all times be a well being booster. Though, that once more works in our favor since we wish each single drop of Hp for Ahmed. Extra HP will enhance the facility of Ahmed’s skills.
  • We suggest utilizing the pace enhance for MUI II. We would like Ahmed in Dislyte to be each quick and sturdy. SPD will enhance the efficiency of Ahmed in battle. It implies that Ahmed will get extra turns than he did earlier than. Now u can use him for his therapeutic skills ceaselessly.

Second Most Well-liked

Now we are going to clarify his second hottest set which incorporates the utilization of but once more the Wind Walker Set x4. The construct will concentrate on rising Ahmed’s pace and the accuracy of his assaults in Dislyte. Wind Walker Set will enhance Ahmed’s pace by 25% which is a large enhance. Ahmed will get extra possibilities for use in battle than he did earlier than. Now allow us to focus on the UNA items for the second set;

UNA Items

  • UNA I piece can’t be modified and the Relic right here boosts your Esper’s assault energy. Fear not as we are going to want that injury booster for Ahmed. As a healer, his assaults don’t deal sufficient injury for use as a fighter however Relic upgrades his injury which turns into viable for battle.
  • On your UNA II piece, we suggest utilizing HP% as Ahmed’s complete moveset scales together with his well being in Dislyte. Extra Hp implies that we’ll be capable to get probably the most out of his assaults and heals. So our Relics focus extra on Hp in each units.
  • UNA III piece can even not be set to your individual desire. It comprises a everlasting Relic that enhances Ahmed’s fundamental protection. We’ll want this Relic as a result of Ahmed must tank extra hits in battle and keep alive for longer to heal his teammates.
  • UNA IV piece might be personalized and we suggest utilizing ACC% to spice up the accuracy of Ahmed’s assaults. Ahmed has turn into extra sturdy and can be accessible for extra turns however we wish him to hit his assaults as effectively. Placing an excessive amount of effort into summoning him, after which him lacking received’t be so rewarding. Be sure to make use of ACC% in UNA IV for Ahmed in Dislyte.

The 2-piece set that you just’ll be utilizing right here is the Sword Avatara Set x2. This set offers an opportunity to counter-attack an opponent to Ahmed. The share of that counter-attack taking place is 25% which interprets to as soon as each 4 turns. Principally, if Ahmed does counter-attack he’ll heal any random staff member in his social gathering. That could be very helpful because you’ll be buying and selling Ahmed’s well being for one more one among your members. Now we are going to focus on the MUI items for the second set;

MUI Items

  • MUI I is mounted on rising your well being and can enhance Ahmed’s whole Hp in Dislyte. Once more that could be very useful because it boosts the effectiveness of Ahmed’s strikes and makes him each a stronger healer and a stronger fighter. Ahmed is a really versatile Esper as he matches in with these mounted Relics.
  • We suggest utilizing SPD as your MUI II as that may improve Ahmed’s pace stat and enhance his efficiency in-game. Ahmed will get extra versatile and obtain extra possibilities to make use of his therapeutic skills in Dislyte. Every little thing right here contributes towards making Ahmed the very best healer in each PVP and PVE.

Ahmed’s Rankings

Ahmed remains to be a newly launched Esper and most of his rankings are nonetheless unknown in Dislyte. Nevertheless, what we do know is that Ahmed has A rankings in Level Warfare, Level Tower, and Kronos. He’s very robust in these departments and isn’t weak in others as effectively. If you happen to’re trying to do some farming, Ahmed ought to at all times be used as your healer. 

  • Level Tower: Ahmed has an A-Ranking in Level Tower the place he dominates virtually each different healer in Dislyte.
  • Level Warfare: With an A-Ranking in Level Warfare, Ahmed might be the very best Assist Esper for this. He’s finest utilized in PVP to dominate fights.

Professionals And Cons of Ahmed in Dislyte 

Nearly all Assist Espers lack in some departments and excel in others. Ahmed is not any exception right here. Nevertheless, Ahmed does excel in getting extra execs than cons. Allow us to focus on the professionals and cons of Ahmed in Dislyte;


Following are the benefits of utilizing Ahmed in Dislyte;

  • He can take away illness debuffs
  • Ahmed can passively heal his teammates
  • He can even buff his teammate’s ATK
  • Ahmed can be utilized for each offense and protection


Following are the disadvantages of utilizing Raven in Dislyte;

  • His assaults don’t do sufficient injury
  • It is extremely tough to summon Ahmed in Dislyte


Dislyte was launched on Might 10, 2022, for iOS, Android, Microsoft Home windows, and Macintosh working methods. It’s a free-to-play Gacha sport which you can obtain proper now and play in your Cellular units. The sport has futuristic graphics for a cellular sport and gameplay that doesn’t get boring even after hours of playtime.

That concludes our information on Ahmed, a 5-Star Assist Esper in Dislyte. We defined all his expertise, builds, and upgrades in full element. We hope that now you’ll swap to Ahmed as your essential healer and use him in PVP. His expertise can’t be ignored and ought to be utilized in farming. Tell us what you consider the most recent and best Gacha sport often called Dislyte within the feedback beneath.

Dislyte is the most recent and best Gacha sport developed and revealed by Lilith Studios. There may be large content material to mess around with on this sport together with its 60 Esper characters. Espers are individuals who have super-human skills and Ahmed in Dislyte is one among them. 


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